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XDiagramma - the Program is designed to bulk create organization chart Visio from XLS file.

If You have installed MS Visio is an Excel file which contains information about several organizations that You would like to convert to visual form (graphic representation) organizational chart MS Visio, Diagramme will help You with this! You can convert as a single organization from the list.
Information about the organizations can be represented in the Excel file in two ways.


Opposed to a regular wizard to create org charts in MS Visio is:
  • Created several diagrams (mass creation)
  • There is no need after you create the chart manually save it using the save button in the Visio environment

ATTENTION! The software interacts with MS Visio 2013 and later versions.
The program is designed for mass construction organizational chart in MS Visio from XLSX files of MS Excel.
If the data about the organizational are on the same sheet in file EXCEL, they must have the following structure:

·         "ID" – Contains the unique name of the organization, whether "1" or ZAO My organization, each record contains this name will be treated as belonging to the specified organization.
·         "Name" – Contains the names of the employees of the organization
·         "Head" - Contains the name of the Manager for each employee if the employee is Director (he built the whole structure of the organization) that field must be empty.
·         Title - Contains name of employee organization
·         Department - Contains the name of the Department in which the person works.

Additional fields:
·         Phone - phone Number where you can to contact the employee
·         "Electronaut - Address employee email

Organizations are represented in one Sheet Excel

If the data about the the organizations are presented in separate sheets of EXCEL that the field "ID" is not necessary and its use is not desirable!


The organization presented on separate Worksheets in Excel

The program's interface

1- Button "Open" - Opens an input XLS file with data about the organizations
2- The button "Start" - Launches the process of automatic construction of diagrams in created instance of MS Visio.
3- Button "About Program"
4- Button "help" - Shows this help information
5- Button "shut down"
6- Output field messages and information from the program
7- Status bar showing the progress of the work and name of the xls file.

To begin using the program, click "Open" and select the necessary xls file for processing. The program will then ask you how is stored information about the organizations in your target file:

Click "OK" and the screen will display information about the data in the selected file

After opening the file, the button "Start" Becomes active and You can begin to create charts. You will need to specify the organization number for which you want to build the chart and the output directory where to save the diagram in MS VisioYou can also select "All organizations"to the construction chart for all organizations:

Click "Start" to begin the process of building charts in MS VisioAfter the process is complete in the specified directory will be *.vsdx files charts.

To purchase the full version of the program in writing here: prays@yandex.ru

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